Museum Acquisitions

‘A Utopian Stage’: AOTFD Publishing

‘Excavated Archives: Festival of Arts, Shiraz – Persepolis (1967-77)’

‘A Utopian Stage’ at Dhaka Art Summit ’18

Highlights from ‘A Utopian Stage’ at DAS ’18

‘A Utopian Stage’ at SAVVY Contemporary

‘A Cultural Atlas’

‘Baalbek, Archives of an Eternity’

Kaveh Golestan’s ‘Prostitute’ & ‘Recreating the Citadel’ at Tate Modern

‘Witness ’79’ at The British Museum

‘Recreating the Citadel’: AOTFD Publishing

Woman sitting on bed in room with posters, photo from Kaveh Golestan's Prostitute series, 1975-77

‘Recreating the Citadel’

‘Az Div o Dad’: Fantastical Polaroids of Kaveh Golestan: AOTFD Publishing